Product details

GENERAL Recessed luminaire for direct illumination, constructed especially for production plants according to HACCP standards (food and beverage industry), with ambiance temperature range -20°C + 45°C. Luminaire efficiency is ensured with highly efficient optical and electronic components.

OPTICS Tempered glass diffuser with special anti- scattering film in case of breakage. 

LIGHTING MANAGEMENT The choice of appropriate control gear enables integration into different building management systems (BMS).

HOUSING Housing is made of cold rolled steel sheeting, 0.6 mm thick, epoxy-polyester powder coated. Fine structured texture. Double anodized aluminium profile holds the optics providing high mechanical protection degree (IP65).

FEATURES The luminaire is serviceable from both above and below, with the access to LED modules and drivers also from the suspended ceiling zone, without removing or dismantling the luminaire.

APPLICATION Applicable in spaces requiring maintenance from above (ceiling area), without compromising the cleanliness or operation of the space below.

Technical data

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* Luminaire luminous flux and connected electrical load - initial tolerance of ±10 % (at ambient temperature of 25° C).


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