Product details

GENERAL High-efficiency LED street luminaire suitable for extreme weather conditions.

OPTICS A wide range of PMMA lenses and tempered glass protector (LOR≥ 0.85).

HOUSING Modular structure with a possibility of easy replacement of components on-site. Made of high pressure die-cast aluminum including self-cleaning heatsink, PCB boards with air bridges in between. Finish: conversion protection (complete corrosion and UV radiation resistance).

ADVANTAGES Operates at ambient temperature up to +55°C. Autonomous dimming/ flux intensity reduction, CLO function (Constant Light Output), flux adjustment, thermal protection, 6 kV, Pf≥ 0.95, safety switch.

APPLICATION Direct mounting on arm Ø42- 60 (adjustment of the angle ±10°) or on pole Ø76mm.

FEATURES DALI, photocell, RF antenna, R2M, U6Me2, 10 Kv.

Technical data

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* Luminaire luminous flux and connected electrical load - initial tolerance of ±10 % (at ambient temperature of 25° C).


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